General Scholarship for Covenant Events & CEOP

The purpose of this general scholarship is to facilitate and increase Asian presence at Covenant events, gatherings, trainings and educational opportunities.

To apply for this grant

One of the following three qualifications must be met:

  1. Applicant must be a dues-paying member of CAPA.

  2. Applicant’s pastor must be a dues-paying member of CAPA.

  3. Applicant’s spouse must be a dues-paying members of CAPA.

Applicants must be involved in ministry within the Covenant. However, the scholarship itself is not exclusive to pastors only; it may be applied per the pastor’s discretion to anyone within their ministerial context who exhibits a need and will benefit from this scholarship. The only requirements are that the recipient be Asian and the event be strictly a Covenant event, training, or educational opportunity.

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Scholarship Application

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